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Children’s Centre Workshops

Life Rhythms Music, Workshop. Discover

Music Workshop – Discover

1 x 45 minute workshop with children and educators (up to approx. 25 children per group)

Life Rhythms Music, Workshop. Discover

Music Workshop – Nurture

4 x 45 minute workshop. 1 workshop per yearly quarter (up to approx. 25 children per group)

Life Rhythms Music, Workshop. Bloom

Music Workshop – Bloom

8 x 45 minute workshops. 2 workshops per yearly quarter (up to approx. 25 children per group)

Life Rhythms Music, Workshop. Ukendooit

Music Workshop – Ukendooit

4 x 1 hour sessions. Completed in 1 calendar year (up to 15 educators).

Sing A Song Dance Along

Weekly music workshops in Child Care Centres and Kindergartens

Sing A Song Dance Along is a playful music education program that encourages the development of vital learning areas in early childhood through interactive music and movement experiences. We recognise that singing and dancing are essential in deepening our perception of music.

Within this holistic program, we aim to promote diversity and awaken interest and awareness of various styles and cultures, dances, songs and instruments, multi-sensory resources to help children fully engage and appreciate music to ultimately encourage a love for life-long music learning.

Centres visited regularly:
Wee Care 2, Bondi
South Coogee Learning Centre
St Marys Childcare Centre, Bondi
Peter Pan KU Paddington
Mill Hill Bondi
South Coogee Childcare (family day care)
Gingerbread Kindy, Queens Park
Orchard Early Learning Centre, Kirrawee
Mascot Family Day Care
Wollongong Peter Pan Preschool
Shepherd Centre Preschool
Early Years Care

Life Rhythms Music. Sing a Song Dance Along

Music Time at Thirroul

Our community centred music sessions have been alive since 1985 when Maija’s vision of family music sessions began in a playgroup environment with her youngest daughter Vesma on her lap. Maija called her local legendary music classes “Music Time @ Thirroul”. Her vision for accessible music experiences and community connections opened a variety of music lesson opportunities for children to access these learning experiences for enjoyment and appreciation of music from various styles and cultures.

Music Time @ Thirroul sessions are based around singing, playing and dancing using a large variety of percussion: maracas, bells, tapping sticks, drums, finger cymbals, etc. and experiences with tuned instruments as well as multi sensory resources such as scarves, bubbles, puppets and other creative mediums for expression.

Kaija and Nara facilitate classes Monday through to Thursday at Lachlan St. The sessions are usually mixed ages – we find this works best as lots of families attend with siblings. We also love he way younger children learn from older children and the leadership opportunities the older children get from helping the younger!

Book now for Music Time at Thirroul. All classes are 45 minutes.

One Lesson
Single (1 Child) = $25
Family (1 or more siblings in same class) = $30

Full Term
Single (1 Child) = $200
Family (1 or more siblings in same class) = $275

$5 per additional sibling in the same class


Life Rhythms Music, Music Workshops. Music Time at Thirroul.

Times for Music Time at Thirroul

9.30 – 10.15am
10.30 – 11.15am

9.30 – 10.15am

Thursday (with Nara)
9.15 – 10am

Thursday (with Nara)
11.15 – 12pm

Wollongong Conservatorium ChiME

*Note bookings taken directly through Wollongong Con

Jam1 preschool (Lyrebirds) 9.00 – 10.00am
Prep 3year olds (Whipbirds) 10.00 – 10.45am

Music Workshops

Family workshops

Coming soon …

Life Rhythms Music. Music Workshop. Music with Kaija

Cello lessons with Kaija

Kaija studied cello at Canberra’s School of Music at ANU. During her studies she developed a playful approach to cello teaching for young students. Following the interests of her students, her specialty is developing their individual musicality. She teaches students of all ages in Thirroul and surrounding area.